You will need
  • - fan
  • - plastic bottles;
  • - copper tube or hose.
To create a homemade conditioner, you can in addition to plastic bottles to use glass or tin cans for beer beverage. Place a few bottles in advance in which you pour cold water or filled with ice, in a row, making between them a gap of two centimeters. It is needed for air flow. Behind bottle number, check the fan and plug it in. Do not forget from time to time to change the water and ice in the bottle as it heats up quickly. This method is most suitable for a small room.
Air conditioning can be manufactured from a hose or copper tube. This model can be used in apartments of medium size. Wrap tubing or hose on the protective grille of the fan equipment so that no strong bending. The result should look something similar to the radiator device.
Fasten one end of the copper tube to the mixer, and the other put in the sink or tub, then lock the device received the position. Open the faucet with cold water and turn on the fan. The air flow can be directed in any direction. Importantly, the water pressure should not be strong.
There is also an even more advanced conditioning. To create it you will need two two-liter and three-liter plastic bottles, foam tape and a fan.
From bottles of large size cut the bottom and make holes in them, one of them on the bottom, in the other side. Wrap the fan with foam and place it between the two cut off bottoms so that the bottom was the bottom in which a hole is made on the side.
Take two lids and cut them at the bottoms and on the sides two small bottles cut out an opening the size of which shall conform to the neck. In the resulting hole insert the neck of a large bottle without a bottom, then fix the design of the cover. In the same way attach to a small bottle of the second half-liter containers.
Design with fan set the bottle volume 0.5 l, filled with ice, and cover it with a large bottle, then the conditioning can be considered ready.