The sooner you begin to accustom your pet to the toilet, the easier it will be to achieve a result.
The first time you will have to carefully observe the baby. Usually puppies go to the toilet immediately after waking, feeding, or long game. If you see that the dog began to sniff uneasily to the floor and spinning, gently pick up baby and take a pre-made diaper.
Once your York made his case on the diaper, vigorously praise your pet, give him a treat.
If the dog has made a puddle or a pile on the floor, strictly okretnice. It should not hit or poke the excrement of the nose - you will only scare the dog, besides York is not a cat, he never had to wash, so you have to wash the dog yourself.
You can also take a piece of diaper, wet it in a puddle and put in place. Dogs are very well guided by the smell, perhaps, so your pet will understand what he should do.
Regularly change the diapers. Dogs are clean animals, if the toilet is dirty, the dog to go find a cleaner place.
If the dog came to you already adult, it can be housebroken in the same way as a puppy. Maybe you just need a little more patience and diligence, because an adult dog's character and habits are already formed, they are difficult to change in one day.
Even if your Yorkshire Terrier has learned to go to the toilet just for a cloth, don't forget about regular walks. Movement is vital to any dog, and chat with like influences on the psyche of the animal. In addition, the vitamin D needed by the body, is produced only under the influence of sunlight.