The most common method of dealing with the heat and stuffiness is a common household fan. It is easy to use, but there is one problem. In the summer heat fans sold out instantly, so it is better to stock them ahead of time. If it doesn't, you may have to use other methods, including folk.
Do not leave the Windows open. Ventilate the room well every morning and evening. You can leave the window open all night. When the sun prigreet, it is better to close the flow of hot air from the street did not penetrate to the apartment. However, courage is not enough at all. People used in the summer to keep the Windows open.
Windows of metal or glass provide better thermal regulation than conventional wood. Of course, they protect the apartment from penetration of hot air, but it is not always effective if the Windows overlook the Sunny side. In this case, you need to protect them. This can be done using foil. Any, but better if you can buy at the hardware store reflective, it perfectly reflects and warm too. If not, take an ordinary, used to wrap products and tighten her window.
Enamoraste ice. Take a different vessel, pour down water and place in freezer. When the water freezes, remove the ice from the freezer and place the containers in different corners of the apartment. In the freezer at this time supply other containers with water to be able to get them when the first batch of ice melts.
If you have big cans with resealable lids, fill them with water and refrigerate. When the water has sufficiently cooled, place emkosti in different places, and put other refrigerator, replacement.