You will need
  • -statement
  • -birth certificate of child and copy
  • -passport
  • check if there are
To get on the waiting list in the children's garden, the child does not necessarily have a local registration, you can obtain a temporary residence permit. On turn put on the actual place of residence.
The queues are huge. The population of St. Petersburg is rapidly increasing, including at the expense of newcomers. After the birth of a child should immediately contact the local authorities to the Department of early childhood education.
This can be done by your actual place of residence. Write a letter to your child put on a waiting list at a preschool.
Having considered your application, you will be informed about the queue number and an approximate time when the turn will come. Wait, will likely have a very long time. The queue stretched for two or three years.
Distribute places in child care institutions established by the Commission. Heads of children's gardenof ω such powers released. This is due to the large amounts of bribes for the placement of children in children's garden.
Once your turn will come, you need to undergo a medical examination, pass all tests and have all vaccinations. After examination of the child by all the specialists by the doctor will give help and permission to visit the child care institution.