You will need
  • - birth certificate of the child;
  • - passport;
  • - a document confirming the right to benefits (if any);
  • - medical documents.
  • - direction.
Find the address of the district Commission on picking preschools. This can be done via the Internet, for example on the portal of Official Petersburg, or at the nearest kindergarten. Call the telephone number of the Commission in your area and confirm appointment times. They can vary depending on the number of visitors. During periods of large influx of introduced additional opening hours.
Collect medical documentation. It is necessary to inform the district physician that the fall you plan to give the baby to the nursery. The doctor will give direction to the necessary tests and a list of professionals required to complete.
Review the reviews about nursery schools, which plan to get. Better to stay on 3-4 options. When choosing one institution there is a risk to remain without a designated group it may already be typed. If the child has specific characteristics, examine where and what remedial kindergartens in your area.
On the day of the reception, capturing all the documents go to the Commission. There will tell you, what a garden it is better to go to a child considering its features and condition. After the write statement will give you direction to the selected institution, or a certificate stating that you took the statement and registered the child in the database.
If your work involves travel or the end time later than the closure of the garden, and to pick up the kid no one, must inform the Commission. In each district of St. Petersburg there are kindergartens with groups working around the clock.