You will need
  • - certificate of completion of secondary school;
  • - certificate of the unified state exam;
  • - money to pay tuition (at receipt on paid branch);
  • - photographs;
  • - medical certificate;
  • - the passport.
Select which school you are going to do. Pharmacists are prepared in vocational schools (Colleges) - pharmaceutical colleges and medical institutes. The differences concern not only the level of the diploma, specialized secondary or higher education, but also in other aspects. In College you can do after 9 classes of school, and the Institute besides education pharmacist you will be able to obtain related specialties that require a higher level of professional knowledge and, therefore, higher education was a pharmacist.
Having defined the type of school, find the right in your or a nearby town. This can be done by purchasing the "student's Guide" in any bookstore or Newsstand in your town. It will provide not only the educational establishment, its address, but also phone numbers, and specialty, which is being prepared.
If you arrive on the specialty "pharmacist" after the 11th grade, pass the exam. You will need to provide evidence with the results of the exam on the Russian language, chemistry and biology.
Participate in the school Olympiads for the above items. If you win one of the competitions that takes your school, you will be able to take a budget place outside of the competition, or you win one hundred points on one of the exams.
In June-July, submit the documents to the chosen institution. If you arrive to school after 9 classes, you will also need to pass the entrance exams. This is usually Russian language, and chemistry. You can submit copies of documents to multiple schools.
Check with admissions, when will the results of student selection. If you find yourself on the list for admission, please bring to the admission Committee the originals of your documents if not done so before. If you entered the pay Department, pay a semester or year of study before enrolling.