You will need
  • - acrylic;
  • - needles or other;
  • - insecticides.
Strawberry old

The biggest harvest of strawberries gives before the age of five, and then you need to replace with new young plants. So if your garden beds for many years, I don't think it has a lot of strawberries. Not sparing, dig out the old bushes and put the outlet from the most productive varieties. Better not to take planting material from a strawberry, and you can buy seedlings or grow it yourself from seed. Fortunately, the stores are full of seed yielding and promising varieties of the strawberry.
Winterkill of buds

It so happens that 2-3 year old strawberries are not fruits. This can happen due to poor care in the past year, when he laid the kidneys. So be sure to fertilize the planting from August to September. This is the period when strawberries are preparing for the new season and is forming buds. 2-3 summer the strawberries may not bear fruit if there was a severe winter and some or all of the buds were frozen. That doesn't happen again, covers the beds of pine needles, straw or other material and sprinkle with snow.
The strawberry black flowers

Spring frosts are recurrent, and the strawberries have already started to produce shoots from the buds. And if they freeze slightly, then almost every blossoming Bud in the middle, black. From this flower won't berries. Therefore, cover the strawberry in spring in time of frost covering material, such as acrylic.
Poor pollination

When the bad rainy weather strawberry blossoms, but the berries are not fastened or tied bad, because bees and bumblebees can't fly. Here no, because it all depends on the vagaries of the weather.
A lot of barren flowers

This phenomenon happens in old strawberry, as well as the bad varieties. So buy planting material from reliable sellers. Choose the variety that suits your climatic zone, otherwise the strawberries will bear fruit.

To reduce the yield pests, such as the strawberry weevil. It lays its eggs right in the Bud. To fight pests of strawberries and other garden plants, from early spring. To do this, use insecticides.