The reasons for the lack of berries on the strawberry bushes are the most common - plants more than five years. Outlet, planted five or more years ago, usually stop bearing fruit, so you can expect them berries are not worth it. All you can do in this case is to remove the old bushes, and in their place put younger.

If you planted new bushes in late summer (in August), no berries for the next year is quite natural. The fact that the plants all forces be allowed to root formation, but on the initiation of flower buds the bushes didn't have enough time - it's frosty. If you plan to plant strawberries and the next year, harvest, then plant strawberries no later than July.

If two-four strawberry blossoms poorly, and in the last year with these same bushes were harvested a lot of crops, the main cause is lack of watering and lack of nutrients. Remember, after harvest, strawberries should be watered and do not forget to feed, and to do this required before September. Yes, the bushes this year's berries will not collect, however, this treatment will help the plants to lay the flower buds for next year.

Another reason for the lack of ovaries is adverse weather during flowering. For example, if in the days of flowering almost daily rains, the insects just can't pollinate plants. This may occur because of disease of bees, destruction of nests of Bumble bees (most often occurs when the plowing of large areas of land). To attract insects to strawberries, it is necessary to spray the bushes with warm water and add a small amount of oil of anise.

If the strawberry blooms profusely, but the flowers fall (dry stems), in this case, most likely, the reason - the attack of pests (weevil). Control pests by spraying need special preparations of type "Fitoverm", but it should be done after harvest. If last year the weevil attacked the strawberries, then definitely around the garden with berries seedlings garlic and occasionally shear the formed arrow. The smell of garlic repels many pests, including weevils.