For the construction of the swing at the dacha with his hands, you can choose metal, wood, rope, plastic, metal cables and a variety of available materials. Most important, they were comfortable and safe. The swing needs to withstand a lot of weight, have a secure attachment.

Simple swing for children at the dacha with his hands

For the construction of swings for children it is necessary to collect the rack from metal poles or wooden beams. Depending on the selected material are welded or tighten screws at an angle of 30-50 degrees to the two sides of the base of the frame which are held together by a transverse crossbar. Mounts are made of metal hooks that are screwed or welded to a transverse crossbar. The seat is made from polished or painted boards and attached to the rack with ropes or cables. For younger children there is a swing in the country doing with a back and front retention strap. The rack can be done and more easiest to collect in the form of the letter "P", however, such swings will be less durable.

Swing for adults and children at the dacha with his hands

Stand for swing in the country, which can be used by all the family, is carried out just as in the previous case. Dig in it is necessary not less than 80 cm, be sure to concreting or cementing. The edges are sanded metal posts to in the future about them, no one was hurt. The lower part of the wooden stands in front of kapisanan necessarily processed antiseptic.

For the manufacture of seat swing in the country with their hands to build two rectangular frames for the backrest and seat. They fastened the corners at an angle of 110-130 degrees. The basis of the back and seat can be made from wooden crates, metal mesh, spring block from the old mattress. From the top you can set a soft pillow that can be removed in bad weather or for washing. To the use of the swing was more comfortable above the seat you can pull the awning from any not material on a thin metal or wooden frame.

The original swing for the children at the dacha with his hands

If somewhere in the country there's an old tire, any big tree you can attach it on the ropes or twisted ropes. Original swing for the children at the dacha with his own hands would not only be fast but also very economical solution to the problem of entertaining the kids.

The original swing can make a large metal ring to which the cross is attached to several chains. So it turns out the basis for the seat similar to a hammock. To chains were soft, they can wrap the fabric, polyethylene or put in pouches for thermal insulation of pipes.