You will need
  • A dense fabric, linen thread, lace
Materials for the manufacture of the hammock can be very diverse. Main of them – a mesh or fabric. Can also need the wooden slats, cord, decorative pillows, lace, lace. A suitable fabric can be matched to your decor and preferences; the selection on the shelves of shops selling textiles, is large enough.
Stable and comfortable hammock can be made of fabric. For it is not need Reiki, that is his advantage. Another plus – this hammock is resistant to turning, and therefore more secure.
To make the hammock your arms, you will need a fabric length more than two meters long and one meter wide. Stock up on linen cord, he will go on slings. The cord diameter is 5-7 mm., length about 17 m. Useful braid with a width of 4 cm and a length of over 3 m.
Hem the fabric on all sides. From the tapes, cut twelve strips of length 10 cm These strips will become the material for making loops. The loop should be folded in half and attached to the panel so that it went to the canvas a couple of inches front and rear. The resulting you have six loops position from each other at a distance of about 20 cm For reliability prostrochite each loop of thread. The narrow edge of fabric sew the braid in order to cover the loop. This will provide strength and give the hammock a better look.
And to finish the hammock, we should run through the loops of the cord. Form a sling length less than 70 cm, they consist of two cords. The ends of the cord tightly stitch together to construct a closed system. Place the slings at a distance of 50-55 cm from the edge of the canvas and tie. Ponytails will serve for the formation of loops where the hammock will be attached. The hammock is almost ready for use.
To attach a hammock you need at a height of 1.5 m from the ground surface. The distance between the stretch marks make about three meters. If the mount you choose trees, make sure their reliability – the thickness of the trunk should be sufficient. In the absence of suitable trees can be used artificial support. You can make them from metal pipes or wooden poles, wcopa in the ground not less than half a meter. Have a nice stay!Also, in order to make a hammock by yourself, you can try to weave it, but this method is more complex and lengthy.