Dress with cutout rocker sew knitted fabric. There will also be a necessary lining. Do it from the knitted mesh.
Correctly make pattern. The correct pattern will depend on the cap type rocker. First, take the pattern of the bodice with a pre-made full shoulder cut. Or take a pattern already made on the chest tuck or a tuck at the waist.
Take a hand-drawn sketch.
If you sew a dress out of knit, tuck, as a rule, is unnecessary. From the top of the tuck to mid-bodice swipe perpendicular. On this perpendicular make the cut, and cut towards the top and on one side of the tuck. To the top leave about one or two millimeters.
Side tuck close. Use Scotch tape, pins.
Then measure the depth of the cut. Usually, the recommended depth is about fifteen centimeters.
Once you have decided on the depth of the cut, place it from the upper edge of the neck to the middle line. Here mark. The tag connect with the point where the marked shoulder at the base of the neck.
The length of the shoulder cut will divide into four parts, each of these parts of the dot, which you then connect with the same points located on the midline of the bodice. They are usually located just below the point which is the determination of the depth of the cut.
The entire pattern cut on these lines and the corner of the old filler neck cut off.
The pattern put on a paper sheet, thereby fixing the lower part of the pattern. As for the top, then it spread to the desired width.
From the bottom of the bodice, draw a line to where it intersects with the upper strip. Between these lines should form an angle equal to 90 degrees.
Once the pattern is ready, start working with the fabric.