In order to make a rocking chair, you'll need a Board thickness of 50 mm, two boards thickness 35 mm rail for the mounting of the fabric. Reiki can be successfully replaced with a bar thickness of 20 mm. the Tool will be useful for the most simple – a hammer, handsaw, plane.
Reliable connection of the sidewalls is achieved by cross members. They should be planed out of the Board 35 mm thick. Choosing wood, will focus on material from softwood. This tree is best suited for the manufacture of our chairs. Be careful when choosing wood, avoid blanks with cord and knots.
On graph paper draw the outlines of parts, which will be collected from the finished product. The drawings make a life-size very carefully and accurately. Then transfer the contours of the wooden piece.
Saw out the parts using a hacksaw with a thin blade. Then treat them with a file and sandpaper.
When connecting the chair base and its sidewalls can be used two ways. Most reliable the connection will be "a thorn", so you should prefer it. In this case, provide themselves with marking spikes and cuts under them.
The second method – the glue. While the details are joined with joiner's glue and long screws. For a start, should adopt in the side parts of the through holes, then drill them. In addition to wood glue when assembling you can use casein glue BF-2 or epoxy resin. Remember that a drop of glue exposed between the mating parts should only delete after complete drying of the adhesive.
Ready frame rocking chairs good idea to cover the stain and several layers of varnish, preferably oil. The backrest fit an prepared of dense matter that need to mark.
Helpful hint: to facilitate the work, try to fit the tool handles vinyl chloride pipe. To facilitate insertion of the tube possible, placing the phone on a few minutes in acetone. This will make the tube is soaked and is easy to put it on the handle, and after drying such tube tightly they fit.