You will need
  • Ready baby swing on the ropes, furniture bar, two mounts for it, drill, screws, hacksaw
To find the answer to the question about how to make a baby swing, you first need to decide where you plan their placement. If funds for the purchase of a stationary swing is lacking, it is much easier to buy a baby swing made of wood or plastic with ropes as mounts. Mind these swings are virtually indistinguishable from those that were present in the childhood of today's parents. They are mobile, easily removable from the support and do not interfere even in a small apartment.
As attachment points you can use ordinary furniture. Take two mounts for the rods that are mounted either in the doorway or in that part of the corridor, where there is free space for rocking. All that remains is to cut a piece of pipe, the size coincides with the distance between these two mounts, and insert it in them. In the future we can go two ways. Or originally to pick up a pipe with a diameter less than the finished rings on the mounts of the swing, or hang on the pipe a couple of rifles. The latter method is preferable, since in this case, the swing can be easily removed, whereas in the case of mounting directly on the pipe and they will hang out in the middle of the aisle.
If you select baby swing for the garden, everything is even easier. Ideally, when stationary you can set the swing on the basis of metal pipes. This design will last for decades, especially if the swings are not attached to ropes and chains. But as a support for fixing suitable and conventional branch of the tree. Will only consider the most optimal and secure method of fixing the swing.