You will need
  • Timber 50x100 or 100x100 mm
  • Metal corners
  • Screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Plywood or slats for benches
  • Bars for backrest
  • Rope or metal chain for hanging
  • 2 hook
  • Cable need special clips
  • Bitumen
Calculate the size of the bench. Them calculate the dimensions of the lower frame support. It should be 50 cm wider than the seat. Define also, whether you dig in the swings or just put them on the ground. In the latter case, the ribs of the lower frame handle with bitumen.
Cut the boards to specified size. You should have 9 pieces. 4 lumber you will need for the bottom of the base frame. Since the lower frame is a rectangle, the bars can be of two sizes. 4 identical bars you need for the side poles and 1 cross bar, its length equal to the length of the lower frame. Assemble lower frame support to secure the boards with metal corners.
Calculate the height of the pillars. On the sides you should now have 2 triangles. The bases are the lateral edges of the lower frame, and the tops will need to connect the crossbar. The design should be symmetrical.
Collect from bars of the frame for the seat and backrest of the bench. Tamp them Reiki. Connect the backrest and the seat. Better to do it at an obtuse angle 120-135°. For children swing bench can hold and the right angle.
On top rail fasten the hooks. Secure the chain. Adjust the height. A grown man needs to get to the ground with my toes.
The swing can be made even more comfortable, if mounted over the top rail of the awning. However, it depends on where you put them. Choose the most convenient place.