Advice 1: How to make the most of garden swing

Cottage — in the first place for a family holiday. It is therefore imperative that there was good and convenient to all. Country swing will help to take kids, they can relax and adults if swing is made to last from durable materials.
How to make the most of garden swing
You will need
  • Timber 50x100 or 100x100 mm
  • Metal corners
  • Screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Plywood or slats for benches
  • Bars for backrest
  • Rope or metal chain for hanging
  • 2 hook
  • Cable need special clips
  • Bitumen
Calculate the size of the bench. Them calculate the dimensions of the lower frame support. It should be 50 cm wider than the seat. Define also, whether you dig in the swings or just put them on the ground. In the latter case, the ribs of the lower frame handle with bitumen.
Cut the boards to specified size. You should have 9 pieces. 4 lumber you will need for the bottom of the base frame. Since the lower frame is a rectangle, the bars can be of two sizes. 4 identical bars you need for the side poles and 1 cross bar, its length equal to the length of the lower frame. Assemble lower frame support to secure the boards with metal corners.
Calculate the height of the pillars. On the sides you should now have 2 triangles. The bases are the lateral edges of the lower frame, and the tops will need to connect the crossbar. The design should be symmetrical.
Collect from bars of the frame for the seat and backrest of the bench. Tamp them Reiki. Connect the backrest and the seat. Better to do it at an obtuse angle 120-135°. For children swing bench can hold and the right angle.
On top rail fasten the hooks. Secure the chain. Adjust the height. A grown man needs to get to the ground with my toes.
The swing can be made even more comfortable, if mounted over the top rail of the awning. However, it depends on where you put them. Choose the most convenient place.
Decide for whom you make the swing. If they are intended for children, take a thinner beam. The design of the timber 50x100 withstand up to 120 kg. For common swing, which will entertain both adults need the heavier timber.

The beams of the lower frame must be bonded very firmly, otherwise the structure will unstable.
Useful advice
It is better to first make a drawing and calculate the length of the beams and all corners.

Below the bench was quite comfortable, you can do for her arms. To attach them you must before you assemble the entire structure.

The bench can be covered with leather or to make her pillows.

Baby swings can be quite backless. Obstruye and clean the plate and picrate it to the chain.

Advice 2 : How to sew a swing

At work, on a walk in the Park or at a party with friends you always want to look elegant. To help you in this blouse or dress with a so-called rocker. This detail adds to your image of romance, attractiveness and originality. As home to sew myself a swing?
How to sew a swing
Dress with cutout rocker sew knitted fabric. There will also be a necessary lining. Do it from the knitted mesh.
Correctly make pattern. The correct pattern will depend on the cap type rocker. First, take the pattern of the bodice with a pre-made full shoulder cut. Or take a pattern already made on the chest tuck or a tuck at the waist.
Take a hand-drawn sketch.
If you sew a dress out of knit, tuck, as a rule, is unnecessary. From the top of the tuck to mid-bodice swipe perpendicular. On this perpendicular make the cut, and cut towards the top and on one side of the tuck. To the top leave about one or two millimeters.
Side tuck close. Use Scotch tape, pins.
Then measure the depth of the cut. Usually, the recommended depth is about fifteen centimeters.
Once you have decided on the depth of the cut, place it from the upper edge of the neck to the middle line. Here mark. The tag connect with the point where the marked shoulder at the base of the neck.
The length of the shoulder cut will divide into four parts, each of these parts of the dot, which you then connect with the same points located on the midline of the bodice. They are usually located just below the point which is the determination of the depth of the cut.
The entire pattern cut on these lines and the corner of the old filler neck cut off.
The pattern put on a paper sheet, thereby fixing the lower part of the pattern. As for the top, then it spread to the desired width.
From the bottom of the bodice, draw a line to where it intersects with the upper strip. Between these lines should form an angle equal to 90 degrees.
Once the pattern is ready, start working with the fabric.
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