Clay mining is carried out using excavators. Machines cut the material layers for greater efficiency, because the clay is overlain by strata. Development of the field is maintained as long as technology does not reach the clay is then transferred to another Deposit of fossil.
Most clay is mined in open pits of different depth. Summer design begins with the removal of the upper soil layer and the device requires roads and driveways to the place of development. Unnecessary clearing of rocks, hindering the production. If the clay lies deep under groundwater, devices are installed for drainage and drainage channels. At the same time the material is extracted from the ground, then loaded and transported to the place of processing and use.
Usually mined in an open way and the majority of the fields the process is mechanized – are widely used bulldozers, conveyor belts, forklifts, dump trucks, etc. If the clay lies under large layers of solid rock (dolomite or calcite), conducted blasting operations to loosen the soil.
In the winter time, the extraction does not stop. To avoid the freezing ground pit insulated with sawdust, peat and other materials with low thermal conductivity. Sometimes the thickness of the insulation reaches the 70 cm of the Transported clay is covered with a tarp, so in the process of delivery to the place of production it does not freeze. Server careers in closed areas, where in winter the ground is frozen seriously, are equipped with teplyaki – building is gated and equipped with heaters. Teplyaki are mounted on rollers and moving them along the rails if necessary.
For the delivery of clay used conveyor belts, allowing to fully automate the transportation process and make it continuous. If the warehouse is located far from the site of the development, the raw materials are delivered in self-unloading wagons into the receiving trench and loaded into special compartments.