You will need
  • small ratchet head 10 and 7;
  • - a set of extension;
  • - flexible adapter or a flexible extension cable.
Cabin filter Ford Focus 2 and other vehicles, designed to clean air coming from the outside, from dust and small debris that can get into the ventilation system, and from there to the salon. The manufacturer recommends replacing the cabin air filter at least once a year or every 15 thousand kilometers. However, in our situation filter recommended to change twice a year or every 7-10 thousand km.
Filter Ford Focus 2 is located in the passenger compartment, to the right of the gas pedal. Unscrew the fastening of the pedal. Connector located on the gas pedal disable should not be, because over the entire lifespan, it can be off no more than ten times, and then must replace the electronic unit of the gas pedal.
Remove the three screws, which fastened the cover of the cabin filter by using the head 7. Remove the used cabin air filter. You should pay special attention to the direction of the arrow at the end of the filter.
Install a new filter, placing it accordingly to the direction. If the new filter is impossible to install, there are incisions on the body around the perimeter to minimize its arc. After completing this procedure, install the filter will be much easier.
After installing cabin filter in place you must close the previously removed cover with the screws. Screw in the screw far may not be very simple, so it is recommended to use a flexible adapter or extension for the ratchet. To complete the work should you install the gas pedal in place.