Determine the cause of fainting

Knowing the reason you faint, you can determine the place and time of the onset of this disease. This will allow you to prepare in advance of themselves and others, and to take precautions. Causes of syncope can be very different, they all usually accompanied by the same symptoms such as dizziness, pale skin, blurred vision, appearance of white and black spots before the eyes, etc.

Take action in order not to faint

If you have ever fainted you know the feeling is not the most pleasant. In order to avoid it in the future it is necessary to take certain measures. Drink plenty of water, especially on hot days, it will improve overall health. To prevent weakness and dizziness should be well and regularly fed. Avoid alcohol and coffee, avoid Smoking, all these products are highly relaxes the body and enhance the probability of falling into a swoon. Try not to get into stressful situations that cause you to worry. They can lead to oxygen deficiency and subsequent fainting.

React immediately

If you feel weak all over and feel faint all the same inevitable, take precautions to avoid injury. Sit down and put your legs as high as possible, it will help you recover as quickly as possible. Take a few deep breaths and try to calm down. If you feel that you lose control, and your own voice you hear a muted call somebody for help to get out of this state.