So, what you need to Wake up in the morning easily? And the first thing you need to start, is to prepare to sleep. Not recommended before going to bed to watch TV or sit at the computer, drink alcohol or strong drinks like coffee or tea, you should not eat to satiety. It is best for half an hour, an hour before bedtime take a hot bath, listen to music or read a book, also it would be nice to play with someone from the family in cards or chess, or to find some other reason to communicate. Work out mode which you should from day to day. Person for healthy sleep you need to sleep 6-8 hours. Many people follow the rule of three eights 8 hours to sleep, 8 for work, 8 for rest. But we should not adhere to any specific established norms, people may intuitively determine for themselves how much they need time to sleep. For instance , Napoleon believed that waste your time in sleep is a luxury for man and slept only 5 hours a day and the brilliant brain of Einstein demanded for recharging 12 hours. Just listen to your body, and don't worry if you can't sleep more than 5 hours, or if you do not have a headache after 12 hours sleep, then your body needs that much time to feel rested. Learn to enjoy the start of a new day. This is best a couple of times to get up before dawn to go out with a Cup of tea on the balcony and watch the sun rise. Try to make the revival was accompanied by something pleasant, the most simple check before going to sleep beside the bed a glass of juice, or a banana. Find something pleasurable to you and then you will wait for the beginning of a new day. Put your phone or alarm clock to music. Standard sounds bad-tempered. Advise to discard thoughts like: "it's too early and can go back to sleep...". Don't let the choice between "up" and "sleep", start to act immediately. Opening his eyes and turning off the music, allow yourself a few minutes of lazy warm-up, often it really helps to Wake up. Posivite, stretch, posites in bed, if sleep began to recede, massage the earlobes and massage the fingers, massaging each finger from the pads to the ground. In these places a lot of nerve endings that, when stimulation, sending soft pulses of the body that helps to Wake up and giving cheerfulness. It's finally time to get up, slowly sit on the bed, do a little exercises, getting out of bed, shake your head, make rotational motion in the elbow and rotate the housing. You can then take a shower. Do not make the water too cold, sudden changes in temperature, as well as sudden movements, in the morning, for the body are the stress. Also nice to have shower gel with a pleasant smell, as pleasant scent also helps to Wake up. And don't forget to smile in the morning, looking at yourself in the mirror, it helps produce the hormone of joy – serotonin, and every day you will feel more cheerful.