Remember the mode of the day. If to bed and getting up at the same time, the body will get used to the schedule and will be easy to respond to the alarm. It is important to sleep at least 7 hours a day, so pre-calculate how much you need to go. Try to relax in a ventilated area, on a comfortable mattress can improve sleep quality, and therefore to stand will not be difficult.
Alarm clock is a very strong irritant, so it is necessary to put not very loud and annoying ringtone, and something tender and touching. These sounds will gradually withdraw from the dream, without creating additional stress. You can put the call 15 minutes early to then fell this time in bed, but don't forget to set the alarm for the second time to again to sleep.
Doctors do not recommend immediately jump out of bed, need some stretch, do a few exercises to body woke up. Just stretch your arms and legs and repeatedly tighten and loosen them. You can twist the neck on the pillow to do the twist for your spine. All movements should be done gradually and slowly, they will help to remove drowsiness.
Start the morning with something pleasant, for example, with the tasty toothpaste. Choose banana, strawberry, mint or any other. A bright flavor will help the buds to start working fully, and can lighten the mood. Tasty things in the morning is a simple pleasure that makes life interesting.
Morning showers are better to take with invigorating shower gels. There is a huge amount of funds especially for revival. Special essential oil make it very effective. You just feel elegant aroma, and the body is filled with courage and desire to live. Finish water treatments better alternating hot and cold water, contrasting sensations, give you vigor.
The Breakfast is very important for the digestion, to feel good for many years, you need to eat something in the morning. Someone starts the day with a Cup of coffee, but it is better to use herbal for more energy. Caffeine is addictive and loses its property, but the fees can be changed regularly, and the effect will not be reduced under any circumstances. Use energy drinks only in exceptional cases, they negatively affect many systems of the body, so do not overdo it.
Wake up helps eye exercise. You can do it with my eyes open or closed. This procedure is appropriate even for those who commute in public transport. Enough 3-4 exercises for 10 reps to the drowsiness went away completely.