Change the allocation of his time. You need to learn to think differently, to look at the dream as at the beginning of the day. This mental shift will change your vision of the process of sleep. Then the dream will turn into an active item.

Go to bed at the same time. A large number of people suffer from sleep deprivation, so a stolen one hour can lead to a new failure. Therefore, it is better to teach yourself to go to bed early, even if only for an hour.

Please note-for evening classes. Adjust your schedule the period of supper and evening guests.

Prepare yourself mentally for your morning plans. Most people can't get out of bed because of exhaustion and thinking about what he has to do something difficult. So podgotavlivaya to the execution of the task in advance.

Pre-turn off all electrical appliances. A half hour before sleep turn off all your appliances. It is no secret that every source of energy is an excellent stimulant and is comparable to drinking before going to sleep energy drink. You just do not give yourself to sleep.

Set clear mode time before sleep. Relax. Turn off the light, go for a walk – it will help you fall asleep quickly and Wake up easily.