Advice 1: How to prolong the contract

Prolongation of the contract is the extension of the term signed contract between the two parties. Often in such a way are regular counterparties that have long-term cooperation. The extension saves you from piles of papers, hence the confusion. Also it is very convenient in case of breakdown in the accounting operations with suppliers (buyers) by the numbers of the contract.
How to prolong the contract
There are two ways of extending the contract. In the first case, you need when drafting an agreement to register in the item "other provisions" the period of extension. Then at the end of the term, and in the absence of the statement of one of the parties of the termination of this agreement, the document will be automatically prolonged.
In the second case, you can make an additional agreement to the contract in duplicate, where to specify the validity of the document.
The contract should be signed both to managers and to assure the seals of the organizations. One instance is left, the second to give the other side of the contract. Attach it to this agreement.
Useful advice
Very important factors of drawing up of the supplementary agreement is the period of its registration. The agreement can alter the terms of the contract, in this case they need to prescribe.

Advice 2 : How to write a letter of contract extension

Most civil contracts concluded for a definite period. While it is sometimes necessary to extend their action. One of the ways of prolongation of the contract – the issue of a letter addressed to the company.
How to write a letter of contract extension
You will need
  • - the contract;
  • print.
Ensure that in accordance with the terms of the contract permitted such a method of prolongation as an exchange of letters between the parties. Carefully read the provisions of the Treaty, concerning the rules of execution of such letter, the deadline within which it may be directed, and the method of its direction.
If the contract has established strict requirements to the letter about extension of the contract, strictly adhere to them. Otherwise, consider the following guidelines.
Make the text of the letter in any form. Write the name, date and contract number, which you want to extend. A link to the item, establishing the date of the termination of the contract and Express the desire to extend the validity of the document. Don't forget to specify at what time or until what date the contract is extended.
Sign the letter at the head of the organization or individual entrepreneur. It is important that these were the same persons who are party to the contract, subject to renewal. Stamp.
Place the letter in accordance with the standard rules of business correspondence. Give it a number and date, register in the log of outgoing correspondence.
Send a letter with that method of communication, which is provided by the contract. This may be the dispatch, as a rule, with notification and list of enclosures; Fax; message with an electronic signature, sent by Internet; courier service. If reservations about how there is no direction, it is preferable to hand in the letter against receipt to the representative of the organization-the company or individual entrepreneur or to send it by mail.
The Treaty was considered to be prolonged, the second party must deliver a response to the letter of the counterparty. This document is made in any form, but its content should be clear, whether I agree or not addressor to extend the contract.
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