To a contract with the contractor was automatically extended after the expiry of the validity of the document, you will need at closing in the item "Other conditions" to prescribe that the contract is automatically extended for a specified period. When you do this, be sure to write that this condition is valid in the case when the desire of the completion of cooperation is not received either one of the parties.
Also be sure to include the period of extension of this agreement, but not make it too long, the best option is. Also note that either party may terminate the agreement at any time upon application.
There is another way to extend the contract is the drafting of the additional agreement on prolongation. It should be up to the expiry of the validity of the document. Make an agreement in any form, but be sure to specify the extension period, the details of both parties and, if necessary, make amendments to other conditions.
This agreement as well as the contract signed by both parties, and put a blue stamp of the organizations. The document is drawn up in two copies, one of which is transferred to the supplier (contractor), and the second – to the buyer (customer).
Additional agreement about prolongation it is necessary to stitch to this agreement. Remember that it has the same legal force as the Treaty itself, but those conditions that have changed, lose their force in this agreement.
The action of the additional agreement on the extension starts from the moment when is the deadline of this contract. This should be considered in the case when the agreement also includes other terms, as they are also take effect after the validity of the document.