If you care about the man, he will wait for the meetings to take the initiative. A loving man will not be disappearing from your life without good reason. He would not refer to fatigue, permanent employment, lack of time, he will try to give you as much time as possible. Love longs to do something nice, he wants to surprise, to delight, to give good feelings. It is important for your mood, it hurts to see your beloved depressed. If the guy loves you sincerely, he will take care of you, be interested in your Affairs, to care, to advise, to experience together with you. A man who loves, anytime to come to the rescue, support in trouble. To understand completely, love you man, pay attention to some nuances. Banal gifts and compliments should alert you, truly a man in love will try to impress their beloved with something original. He will notice the smallest details - to buy your favorite Goodies, to invite exactly where you want to go, will fulfill all your reasonable desires. If your friend loves and respects you, he'll introduce you to their friends, parents. He will not be ashamed to appear with his beloved people, to walk with her openly in a cinema, café, on official events. Another indicator of the seriousness of the relationship is the position of men in matters of intimacy. If a man demands sex, threatening rupture, this is a very alarming sign. If you want a close acquaintance, be sure to discuss the issue of contraception. It will show how much the man cares about your health. If a person is irresponsible about these issues, to talk about love makes no sense. If a man loves, he will be willing to wait for the first location, as long as you need, if only favorite was next. A loving man is unlikely to offer the woman swing or Threesome. Really loving man will be kind to your mistakes, be more forgiving, try to understand your motives. When a man loves, he would eat and praise any of her cooking, even if it is very far from perfect. A loving guy will try to provide all the necessary beloved, will never be shamelessly sit on her neck. If a man is caring, he will change for you. The romantics become cynics, begin to write poetry, to create. But still, try to talk to her man, to be sure to find out about his feelings for you. If uncertainty bothers you, convey this to your partner.