Refer to the neighbors of this person personally, or send them a written request asking for assistance. Do not forget to specify the reason for your appeal, as if the man has long been living in this house and is in good standing with those living with him, name, his name and patronymic will not tell even talkative grandmother. However, you can go to the trick and to ask you first, where people living at such and such address. To this question to answer is much easier and, in addition, you have an additional opportunity to contact the place of this man and to learn from colleagues what you need.
Find out, in whose property is the house where lives this man, and ask for help in the housing Department or the HOA. You will not refuse the request, too, just in case, if you give a good enough reason for his treatment.
You can go directly to the local administration with a written request, as the information about the person residing in the relevant district or city, must be contained in many documents of the governments. Specify in the request your name, address, passport number and reason for treatment.
Contact FRS or maintenance service, if the apartment or house where lives this man is in private ownership. Make a written request to give you information from the register of owners of the house at a known address and pay the state fee for the services of the employees of the registration service.
If you know that this person is engaged in entrepreneurial activity, contact the district tax office to obtain the extract from egrip or register, which will include his surname, name and patronymic.
If you have enough money to pay for the services of the law firm or private investigator, contact him, please provide all your information and wait for the results of their work on your case.