Alcoholism is often treated as a kind of bad habit, not realizing that it is a very serious disease that people are usually not. The main reason for this is that the alcoholic changes the metabolism, there is a need for a regular dose of alcohol. This dependency is akin to drug – without alcohol people feel bad, but it is a little drink, as soon improved health and mood.

The main difficulty in the treatment of alcoholism is the destruction of the arising dependencies. In the human body naturally produces a small amount of ethanol required for proper metabolism. The alcoholic is the mechanism is depressed, as alcohol is supplied from the outside. If you stop drinking alcohol, proper metabolism is restored, but this happens very slowly and with great difficulties.

Some reputable doctors believe that full recovery doesn't take place. New mechanisms of exchange, formed under the influence of alcohol, just go into a down state, however, even a small dose of alcohol can again start them. Therefore it is impossible to speak about the cure for alcoholism – in the best case we are talking about long-term remission, but nothing more.

Considering the severity of the disease, the alcoholism treatment must be under the supervision of a doctor trying to heal yourself can lead to serious consequences. The main difficulty lies in the fact that the body of the alcoholic is very weak, this is especially true after a binge. In patients receiving high doses of alcohol the person almost does not eat, the body lacks proteins and fats and vitamins and minerals.

If a person tries to independently get out of the binge and stop drinking, he is faced with many problems. The body is weakened, impaired liver and cardiovascular system. Against this background, possible heart attacks and strokes that can lead to death. It is here important help of a doctor who will first qualified person from the binge that will allow you to avoid possible complications, and then helps him overcome his alcohol addiction.

The earlier the alcoholism treatment, the best results can be achieved. Unfortunately, not every patient alcoholism is aware that he is sick, so only very few are able to go to the doctor. And there is a huge importance to help relatives of the sick person – that they should insist on the treatment, allow the alcoholic to the doctor. Family help is one of the main factors of successful recovery from alcoholism.