Grand represents the total of funds allocated by the Russian or international organization to host a non-profit project that represents public value. Grand is issued irrevocably and free of charge, on the conditions of the grants.

To get the Grand for you have prepared a social project, you must fill out an application. The application is a written request, stating your request to receive a Grand. An analogy can be drawn with the business plan of the company that needs to convince investors to invest their funds in the company's development. So you need to convince the grantor in its proposal to invest money in your project, you should present a text that would convince a donor to provide the funding for the project. The project is a non-profit business, i.e. business which will not bring profit.

The procedure, which will help you to get the Grand, is as follows:

1. To win the Grand can take part in the competition, which is announced by the grantor.

2. Usually the contest involves the public, state and municipal organizations, as well as creative groups and individual citizens.

3. To fill out an application within the allotted time, which is written in terms of the competition.

4. All requests are for the consideration of the expert Council and approved by the founders of the program.

5. Funds shall be transferred to the winner of the contest according to the agreement, to be entered into between grantor and the applicant.

6. At the conclusion of the contest, announce the winner and his project. The recipient of the Grand must account for the use of funds received from the grantor.

7. The statements must include a financial part and content. If you do not provide the report in the agreed terms, grantopoluchateli falls into the "black list".

8. If funds are spent inappropriately, then this information gets Grant Department in the tax authority.

Today more and more individuals and organizations are faced with the idea that it has to be Grand. A lot of new, fresh ideas that require financial investment. For professionals in the West receive Grand the usual procedure. Western funds announce contests, and the winners receive grants. Russian experts and specialists from the former Soviet Union are faced with challenges completing an application for participation in such competitions. This problem is now urgent.