Find a suitable grant. First of all, contact the Director of the school in which you work. It is possible that he has information about funding, which provides the Department of education in your region. Also search programs for teachers through various social organizations. In particular, language teachers can get the opportunity of paid internships abroad, contact the Embassy or cultural center of interest of the country. Such grants are provided by the Ministry of culture of France and other countries. Also, funding for teachers provides the Soros Foundation and several other independent organizations.
Selecting the program of the grantand collect the necessary documents. Their list depends on the selected program. In most cases, you will need to complete the project with a description of what you plan to spend the funding and what results you hope to achieve. Also be ready to confirm that you have professional education and experience as a teacher. Useful and recommendations from colleagues and management, to qualifying you as a qualified professional. If you have publications in any scientific or pedagogical journals, provide them to the Commission. This will increase your chances of obtaining financing.
Submit documents to the organization providing the grants. Depending on the requirements of the paper sent by ordinary or electronic mail. In some cases, you may also be required to participate in the interview. After completing all formalities, wait for the decision of the Commission on grantM. In the event of your winning the contest you will be notified and will pay the amount of the grant in the prescribed manner. This can be a one-off issue of a sum of money, monthly transfer or compensation of already committed expenditure, e.g. transport costs.