What is a grant?

The international grant is one of the types of grant to encourage talented young people. The grant will not be, it is possible to win. Winners will be granted, for a small fee or free to continue their education abroad.

Full grant as a whole cover all training costs. It includes the cost of visas, flights and accommodation. However, such grants are rare. More often issued partial grants, based solely on tuition. Other costs the student will be required to take.

The distribution of grants as do some governments and educational institutions, scientific foundations and public organizations and individuals.

Who can win the scholarship?

A significant portion of grants are designed for students, but sometimes the opportunity to study abroad available to students of the senior classes. For example, in the US there is a exchange program, and its participants may be Russian high school students. After a competitive selection process, they learn in American schools and live with local families. It is one kind of full grant, when the American government takes care of all the expenses.

However, the greatest opportunities are open to graduate students and young professors. It is worth considering that many programs have age restrictions - usually up to 25-30 years.

How to get a scholarship?

International educational institutions offer many different educational programs in the field of art, science, design, etc., the Applicant for a grant need, first and foremost, choose a country where he wished to study, and then collect detailed information on courses of interest to him.

On the Internet there are specialized sites where you can find all information about ongoing contests for the victory in which grants. The chances of getting a grant will increase if you find a few options.

To obtain a grant to study in various ways:

Write a letter to the University. The most difficult way is to convince the leadership of a foreign University that your candidate deserves the grant. Send information about yourself to other educational institutions where you wish to study. You'll need to withstand the severe competition, and it is very much going to depend on how clearly and correctly you will form your letter of motivation. It should describe your achievements, and also write about your plans for the future.

To apply directly to the government. Grants in many countries is the responsibility of the Department for culture, or education. They provide all the necessary information about the contests and tell them what the deadlines are and how to apply.

To win the competition. You can participate in the contests for the grants, which are held in Russia. In this case studying abroad would subsidize the domestic government. Grants are the most promising and talented researchers, graduate students, scientists.

To the private Fund. This option is suitable for those who cannot use the above methods, for example, due to inadequate age. The applicant will need to contact a private Foundation that might be interested in his talents and abilities.

If you are lucky, you can get the necessary training to amount in a single Fund. Sometimes, however, those who wish to study abroad have to apply to various funds, collecting the necessary amount bit by bit.

If the tide has turned against you, do not despair. The reason for the failure can serve a limited number of grants. It is quite possible that your talents are still of interest to foreign educational institutions. Try to make another attempt. It is not excluded that it will succeed.