Register the public Association. Create your social project, bring it to development professionals, for the industry in which it will be implemented. Gather all the necessary information, conducting surveys and interviews of citizens whose interests are affected by the project. Conduct research based on these data. Calculate the cost of implementing this project. Make a plan for its financing.
Indicate on the title page of the project its full name, the name of a public Association, under whose immediate control it was to develop, address and telephone number. Specify the name of the head of the Association, the name of the organization that developed the project, and the period in which it was created. The title page must be a summary of expert opinion on the study.
A substantial part of the project consists of introduction, main part and conclusion. The introduction must list the goals and objectives of the project, the problem that can be solved with it, and its relevance.
In the main part lists all the results of the studies (with examples and links to the application containing additional illustrative materials), methods of solution of existing problems and the reasons for choosing the best of them. Lead and plan consistent actions in accordance with the project. The main part usually ends with a financing plan of the project, where are the concrete numbers, and a timetable for its implementation.
In conclusion, it is necessary to list all tasks, identify the problem and to summarize that only if the realization of this project, perhaps their final decision.
Include in the Annex to the draft all tables, diagrams, graphs and charts you created on the results of the research. Decide whether to include the interim study.