Advice 1: How to make a social project

Social project – the document of the offering to the specific problem, its solutions and a financing plan. The author of the social project can be anyone, the main thing is to teach social idea that to a large extent depends on the design.
How to make a social project
Register the public Association. Create your social project, bring it to development professionals, for the industry in which it will be implemented. Gather all the necessary information, conducting surveys and interviews of citizens whose interests are affected by the project. Conduct research based on these data. Calculate the cost of implementing this project. Make a plan for its financing.
Indicate on the title page of the project its full name, the name of a public Association, under whose immediate control it was to develop, address and telephone number. Specify the name of the head of the Association, the name of the organization that developed the project, and the period in which it was created. The title page must be a summary of expert opinion on the study.
A substantial part of the project consists of introduction, main part and conclusion. The introduction must list the goals and objectives of the project, the problem that can be solved with it, and its relevance.
In the main part lists all the results of the studies (with examples and links to the application containing additional illustrative materials), methods of solution of existing problems and the reasons for choosing the best of them. Lead and plan consistent actions in accordance with the project. The main part usually ends with a financing plan of the project, where are the concrete numbers, and a timetable for its implementation.
In conclusion, it is necessary to list all tasks, identify the problem and to summarize that only if the realization of this project, perhaps their final decision.
Include in the Annex to the draft all tables, diagrams, graphs and charts you created on the results of the research. Decide whether to include the interim study.

Advice 2: Social project

Social project – a set of measures, in accordance with which the activities of public organizations. Projects affect socially significant problems, justify and propose solutions.
Social project

Social project consists of 13 major sections.

Title page. The title page must include the project title, its authors, title, and address of the organization, the chief accountant of the project, the area of implementation, date of commencement and completion of the project and its budget (in rubles).

Abstract. In the abstract should indicate the main idea of the project, target audience, resources required and timeline of the project. A big plus would be if you specify the strengths of the project and its differences from similar. Abstract – a brief characteristics of the social project, which addressed potential resourcedataset and business partners.

Description of the organization. In this section you must show that your social organization is reliable and promising. Write General information about the organization (when, where and by whom established, number), specific goals for the next three years (usually expressed in quantitative terms), history (dynamics of development, communications, important events and successes). Specify the focus and experience (activities, major programs, achievements, ongoing and completed projects), partnerships and prospects of public enterprises.

The rationale of the project. Is it a problem in society? Why your project is original and different from other, similar subjects?

The goals and objectives. The goal is a conscious image of the anticipated result for the aim of human actions. Tasks – detailed the specific objective, revealing its volume and enumerated specific actions.

Methods of project implementation.The method is a tool by which is achieved the project purpose. That is a description of how it will be implemented by the project.

Management of the project. Specify specifically what "position" needed for the project except for the head. How many volunteers are required and what professionals to use.

The work plan of the project. Describe what actions you will produce in stages:

1. Organizational and informational stage. The creation of a group, organizational conditions, and information materials.

2. The main phase. The main work on implementation of the project.

3. The outcome is promising. Summing up the results of activity, development prospects for its further development, press releases and media coverage.

Expected results. The expected results are the specific results expected to be achieved by the implementation of the project in quantitative and qualitative terms. The results should be realistic, achievable and measurable.

Methods of evaluation of results. The evaluation plan of the project should be well designed tools. Evaluation criteria should be adequate results. Quantitative and qualitative indicators should be convincingly justified.

Plan for the further development of the project. The project is scheduled for one-time or continuously-acting? Will it change the target audience or area?

Budget. What resources do we need for the project and how much (human, material, financial resources). It is necessary to assess what resources we have, and what you need. And where can we get the missing resources.

Press release and offer. These documents are based on the annotation and change depending on needs. Press releases are sent out to all media and commercial proposals to potential sponsors.

Social projects in a form you can submit for participation in grants, and the funds show jumping competitions.

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