You will need
  • -business project;
  • -basic documents on the activities of your company
To obtain a grant for the development of business, you need to start to find the announcement of the beginning of the contest. This can be done in specialized publications and on the Internet. For example, on the websites: and Here you can read the conditions for participation in the competition and the value of the prize. Send your application and begin to prepare for the competition.
After registering as a participant, begin to develop your business project. Treat it with special attention and care. This is what you will present, and what you expect to get the money. Remember priority to projects that are financially and economically justified, represents a technical or scientific novelty, and the prospect of market development or production. Turn in your detailed business plan the documents that will help you to prove the feasibility of your business and its usefulness to society. Learn the rules of their work - for this or that competition.
All of your prepared draft is transmitted to a professional and qualified Commission. It is composed of 2 000 experts, the majority of which (about 2/3) have a scientific degree (candidate or doctor of Sciences). Want to help yourself win the grant? Make mini-presentations. Your task is to support your project. And you should do everything you can to get noticed.
To receive a grant, you can only if you have not received a monetary benefit to the development of their business. Also, the grant will not let you, if you are not legally the founder and owner of provided business.