Few people know that the paste contains a large enough amount of iron. 100 grams of tahini halva has 50 milligrams of iron, whereas in sunflower it is a little less than 33 milligrams.

Grind the sesame seeds, which produce tahini halvah, a fount not only of iron but also of calcium, zinc, phosphorus, vitamins b, e Sunflower halva contains slightly less iron than tahini, but it's much more than in other products.

To increase hemoglobin can include in your daily diet of 50 grams of dried mushrooms. Regular consumption of mushroom soups will help to restore the composition of blood is much faster, because 100 gamma of product contains 30 milligrams of iron. For vegetarians this is just a great alternative to meat broths.

The same amount of iron as in the dried mushrooms, is contained in seafood, specifically in molluscs. For excellent health and nutrition is a worthwhile inclusion in your menu calamari, caviar, scallops, shrimp.

Recently in Vogue bran. This useful "super" contains not only iron but also vitamin b, which is involved in the synthesis of hemoglobin. However, excess bran will cause problems with the digestive tract, you should not get involved with them, people with compromised pancreatic function. In General, when reduced hemoglobin is recommended to eat daily tablespoon.

Daily food on the table should be kelp or seaweed. This is another "super" containing iron. In 100 grams of kelp it contains 12 milligrams. A couple of teaspoons of seaweed, eaten every day, will not only increase hemoglobin, but will have a beneficial effect on all body functions.

Significantly increase hemoglobin is probably only eating about 100 grams of boiled beets or drinking 30 grams of beet juice every day for a month. Fresh beet juice is not very well absorbed, so it is best to hold it after cooking for about an hour in the fridge. And even better to dilute beet other juice, such as orange, carrot or Apple.

Needless to talk about the benefits of pomegranate? Because the doctors to increase hemoglobin is recommended in the first place this fruit. It is only necessary to remind you that grenades are not shown for the use of those who have stomach problems. The concentrated juice need to be diluted, and should give preference to fresh homemade.