The location of the nests depends on the trees that are affected by aphids. They are built near them, because the ants eat it Can attempt to relieve the tree from the aphids, and you can just keep out the ants to her, smeared the trunk with glue "Alt" or molasses. You can also confuse insects, arranging them with the cut garlic cloves. Apparently, the ants like vampires, afraid of the smell. But in addition, the smell of garlic confuses the ants-hunters off the scent to the food, which leave the ants-scouts (they leave on the paths of their scent).

To his aid to bring, and other fauna. Pitch next to the tree where the nest, a small pool with water, using car tires. Cut them in half along the bus, put them in small holes in the ground with water. This "watering" will fly the birds to peck your tormentors.

Try dropping an ant hill. For this approach solutions of insecticides, oil, boiling water, sugar solution or molasses. Never put ant varnish or vinegar, not only can it harm the trees, but will do its poisonous fruit. One of the traditional ways is to sprinkle the ant hill with hot ash.

If the destruction of the ants became a real hunt, make a couple of traps for them. Put around the ant's house a few small vessels with viscous sugar liquid. In it, the ants will either get stuck and then change their disposition, or will never go to that place where you left the trap.