Means for the control of insects

A problem with ants on the land affects a large number of summer residents and gardeners. So specialty shops that are selling seeds and garden equipment, offer you many different tools to combat these insects: "Anteater", "Cottager," "Trinol," "Thunder," "Muracid". These drugs will help you to get rid of ants. Before using them you should carefully read the instructions and strictly follow its recommendations.

Unfortunately, the use of chemicals and poisons will save you from annoying insects only temporarily. There is a strong likelihood that the poison will poison only a portion of the ants, and the rest will continue to proliferate.

Methods of eliminating ants

Ants absolutely not tolerate the smell of parsley, Bay leaf, mustard, tansy, anise and tops of tomatoes. The stems and leaves of the listed plants need to put on the ant trails or tie them to the trunks of trees (like a harness). Between the beds sow Valerian and mint. Insects, he felt a strong flavor, I hasten to retreat to another place of residence.

Sprinkle on the ant mounds and walkways baking soda or treat the places where insects lime, crushed tree bark and ash, taken in equal proportions. Killing ants sprinkled their houses with saturated solution of boric acid and sugar (four tablespoons of sugar in a glass of boric acid solution).

Mix dried and carefully chopped herbs of oregano with sulfur in the ratio of 1:2. Liberally sprinkle the cooked composition of the nests of ants or dig the ground with the mixture. Houses insects poured water mixed with kerosene (ten tablespoons of kerosene to ten litres of water). Ant trail pour water with vegetable oil.

Special attention deserves the following method of eliminating ants. Cut lambskin strips, and tie them shoots a raspberry at the distance of fifteen inches from the soil level. Note that the strips should be placed with fur on the outside. Obmazhte their crude carbolic acid, the smell of which thoroughly drives out insects and saving the bushes of berries from the invasion of destroyers.

Ants love sweets, so to get rid of them, it is recommended to put next to the habitat of insects of the bottle with sugar syrup, jam or honey. Lubricate the neck of the butter. Soon the insects will remain inside. You can also use a sponge soaked in concentrated sugar water. But insects have to constantly wash it with boiling water. Such methods of eliminating ants require constant of your attention.