All insects get into the home of man with a single purpose — to make money. And ants are no exception. Full of trash, dirty dishes, remnants of food on table, etc. - all these are seen as an invitation to dinner.

Of course, you will not be able to completely clean out the dirt that the ants use for food, but still in front of them just to restore order.

The dangerous ants with wings?

First of all, any ants that carried germs that are freely carry the infection not only from the garbage your neighbors, but from the street, for example, from a garbage can in the yard, where for weeks, rotting remnants of food, breed bacteria and dangerous viruses.

Effective methods of dealing with flying ants

Fight fire with fire. In order to get rid of these nasty and dangerous insects try to bring into your home wood ants. The freedom, therefore, unlikely to appreciate your hospitality and you will leave your dwelling, taking with him including his urban "brothers".

Oil and garlic. Another effective and fairly simple way to get rid of ants with wings is as follows: RUB garlic all the ant paths (of course, for these purposes, you are requested to follow the movement of insects), and different packages or cans of food process sunflower oil. Such smells do not appeal your guests and force them to leave their homes.

Sticky tape and foil. Wrap the legs of chairs and tables special sticky tape for catching flies or wrap the foil — skirt. This will allow to prevent access of ants to the food on the table. If the insect is still not dropped its wings, then be sure to place the tape under the ceiling.

Salt. This tool will be equally useful in dealing with flying ants and not only. To use it is very simple — sprinkle salt on all the windowsills and wait for the result.

A clean house — not a favorable environment for ants

Remember that you should always maintain cleanliness in your own home. Never leave dirty dishes in the sink for a long time, carefully clear the table, wash the floors and ventilate the room, and then the invasion of flying ants, like other insects, does not threaten you.