Ants are a dangerous pest in the garden, contribute to the emergence of numerous aphids, and this leads to the fact that the yield will decrease or disappear altogether. Ant can roam from one place to another. Hoping to quickly destroy all the ants should not randomly showering the earth with chemicals, because you can destroy the plants. Ants are very hardworking and take them easy.

How to get rid of ants

There are different ways. You can sprinkle anthills with saline, but that he did not get on plants. Also apply the solution of baking soda, vinegar in a ratio of 3 tablespoons to 1 liter of water. It is known that ants do not like the smell of pine needles, wormwood and garlic: cook infusion of wormwood, pour it into anthills, through the night to put sliced garlic cloves. Another effective means would be mangled tree branches – they should be spread out in areas inhabited by ants.

A good remedy is safflower oil remaining after frying. Poured it into an anthill. Then, you notice that the number of ants decreased markedly. You can mix sugar or honey with boric acid and place it in walking ants.

Ants feed on aphid milk, which destroys fruit trees, berries and vegetables. This lotion is a staple food for ants. In turn, the aphid also benefits from friendship with ants – they serve as "guards", protecting the aphids from other pests and even carry females of the aphid to winter in your anthill.

Therefore, it is necessary to deal with aphids, or at least to exclude contacts aphids and ants: wrap the foil around the tree trunk so that the edges were sharp (ant it does not climb). Good use of sticky tape against flies, it is also wound on the barrel, and the ant will not reach the aphids to eat. For bushes, you can use the lid, cut lengthwise and threaded through the Bush. It filled with water and this obstacle, the ants will not pass.