Shallow spread of cockroaches all baseboards and habitats of ants. Though chalk and roaches, but fire ants also die from contact with it. Instead of chalk can you use the gel, which is applied on the floor.
Spray bug poison around the house. And for a while leave the room. Then well ventilate and remove dead insects.
If the ants crawl into the house from the street, buy a special vial from ants. Dissolve in water and spray the nest. Ampoules are sold in hardware and gardening stores, are made by various manufacturers, but have a similar composition.
You can pour the boiling water on the anthill. Part of the ants will die the rest will stand down.
For the destruction in the room, mix boric acid with sugar and place in secluded places. The proportion should be 1 to 1. Instead of boric acid will fit the drill. Ants are attracted to sugar and they begin to eat the bait, then die. After the complete destruction of ants, periodically arrange plates with bait, if they will come again, most likely soon die, tasting treats.
Ants hate the smell of Cologne. Treat all the cracks and places where Cologne. But it is worth remembering that the smell will last long in the room.
And of course, the most effective drugs are those that are sold in stores. Can be in the form of powder, ampoules of liquid funds.
If you are unable to eradicate the ants, call the exterminator. They will hold the processing of the premises, then the ants should disappear. But if your neighbors they will live, will soon move to you.