Soak the sponge for washing dishes in a solution of honey or jam, put on the ant trail and wait as the ants swarmed it and then dip the sponge in boiling water. If the ants have chosen the beds in the garden, before planting be sure to rinse the ground with boiling water.
Ants, like many insects don't like strong smells, so you can take the help of wormwood, anise, tomato, garlic and even smoked herring. Simply unfold throughout the earth beams with these plants, the grated garlic or pieces of herring near ant nests.
To get rid of pesky insects, as often as possible to dig the ground, thus you will razvorotit their nests, and they will have to find a new home.
Beside the nest lay pills anti moth or crayons “Mashenka”. Prepare for ants poisoned Goodies. For example, 5 g of yeast mix with 1 tbsp of liquid honey, add the borax solution, mix and prepare the masses to spread out near the nests.
Another effective popular method of getting rid of ants is salt water. Dissolve in a bucket of half a pack of salt and liberally pour ant nests and surrounding soil.
Fruit trees can be saved with the help of adhesive tape from the flies or double-sided tape. Just wrap the tree trunk with tape and it will stick not only with the little pests, but various beetles and caterpillars.