So, if you find in your garden or in the garden an ants ' nest, will have to take comprehensive action. Prepare to fight with the ants will be long. To start pretty deep dig the anthill. Then add in the earth ash, mustard powder or lime and dig again. Most likely, you will be able to get rid of ants from the area – alas, only with the specific, local. Surely these insects will move a little further and continue their activity in your yard.

Of course, you can use in the fight against ants, the insecticide is to put the drugs such as "Anteater" next to ant nests or trees on which they breed aphids, to put poison in the ground. However, this method can be dangerous for beneficial insects and birds. So it's better to get rid of antsby other methods.

To destroy the ants in the garden can only be consistent against them. Look for new mounds and treat them with a solution of ash, baking soda, boric acid and sugar, decoction of the tops of the tomatoes. Perekapyvayut soil, add oregano mixed with sulfur. Water tracks, which move the ants with vegetable oil.

Surprisingly, to deter ants can ordinary wheat or semolina. Sprinkle grits on the ant nest, and the insects will leave. Why this happens is unknown, but the method works. Just need to make sure that the semolina or the wheat was not eaten by the birds For this, you can cover them with cut grass.

Also quite effective methods using different kinds of baits. Can be diluted in water yeast (to get the consistency of sour cream), add jam or honey, apply the mixture on cardboard or polyethylene and lay across the garden. The ants will eat the bait and die.

Yet to remove the ants from the area fails, it is necessary to take care of the trees. They suffer greatly from the aphids sweet secretions which the ants eat. Buy a special adhesive tape, glue on the trunks and thus seal off the ants the way to the leaves, where they put aphids. You can even wrap trees and shrubs skirt of foil, leaving a sharp edge, protruding from the trunk.

And ants can't stand the smell of garlic, lavender, lemon balm, dill, mint, and cilantro. Let's put as many of these plants around the area, so you are at least partially able to protect the beds against ants.