Define the boundary to which you can reduce the price of the goods. In supermarkets can often be seen painting large discounts on certain groups of goods as when buying the piece, and when buying in large quantities. This is called the orientation of the user. You must use the discount to guide the consumer, only now, at the time of the action, he can buy these products at a reduced cost.
Make the ad as attractive as possible. Select the products, set them up at eye level, on the front rows, at the entrance to the store. Instruct all consultants that they recommend the products that are currently held for the stock, motivate them with bonuses and additional bonuses for selling a certain number of goods.
An advertising campaign that will highlight the fact of the discounts in your store. Make special emphasis on the seasonality of the proposals and that the number of goods is limited. Advertise discounts on the radio and with the help of promoters handing out flyers. Try to how people were informed about this action.