When strawberries ripen in Krasnodar

The end of may, and in stores of large cities of Russia are already beginning to receive the strawberry. In most cases, these berries are imported from Spain, Turkey, Israel, but among them you can find and Krasnodar strawberries. Yes, do not be surprised, in Russia these berries appear earlier (but only in the southern regions), for example, early strawberries in Krasnodar ripens in late April-early may, and the mid - in mid-may. However, depending on weather conditions, the timing of its maturation may change.

When strawberries ripen in the suburbs

In Moscow, the strawberries ripen a month later than in the Krasnodar region. For example, if planted early in the greenhouse, the first berries can be eaten in early June if planted by mid-season, then the harvest can begin in mid-June (at planting in the greenhouse) or late June (when landing in open ground). It should be noted that if the weather is overcast and not particularly warm, above the ripening berries can "lag" for a few weeks.

When strawberries ripen in the Leningrad region

Leningrad oblast is just North of Moscow, but weather in these two areas is virtually identical. Hence it can be concluded that the ripening of strawberries in the Leningrad region is similar to the ripening of these berries in the Moscow region. If this difference is, it is insignificant, not more than a week.