Scientists have long answered the question of which tomato is healthier – those that ripen on the Bush, or those that ripen in the pantry. Definitely in shot of ripe fruits more biologically active substances such as lycopene or carotene, more vitamins, but they are much tastier. But what if the warm summer time is so short that tomatoes just do not have time to ripen? Only one thing is not to leave plants alone with nature. Otherwise, your tomatoes will never ripen before the cold weather, and then most of them will not blush and turn black from blight.

In the first week of August starts, so-called cold dew. From this point it is impossible to keep the bushes open at night, otherwise they will get sick by late blight. Be sure to put over the ridge of the arc and stretch film. After the ovaries tomatoes 30 days to grow and another 15-20 days to Mature. A very good way to stimulate the maturation - to cut the bushes on the lower leaves. Take one every three days, each Bush one by one bottom sheet so that by the time the fruits reached maximum size, under the brush there is not one sheet. The same should be done by other hands, which began to fruit.

Helps to ripen tomatoes, aqueous solution of iodine. Ten liters of dilute 30-40 drops and pour this solution in a 1.5 meter beds. It is noticed that the ripening of tomatoes is more intense on depleted soil. Therefore, time of fruiting, you need to stop watering and feeding, otherwise, to the detriment of the business will grow only green mass. In addition, after the fruit is poured, it is necessary to limit the availability to them of moisture and nutrients. This makes the stem through holes 7-10 cm long, into which insert spacers in the form of wood chips to the stems are not meshed.

If the summer was without much heat, then after fruit set it is possible to open the greenhouses for about two hours for ventilation, and the rest of the let it be film. Heat, which is formed there will be tomatoes only benefit.