To make the tomatoes blush faster, from the beginning of the growing season correctly to shape the Bush. If you let it go, the tomato seedlings will grow strongly and all of life's juices will leave the stems and leaves. You not only long to see the red tomato, but all crops will be reduced to two or even three times. So in summer try a tomato plant in one stalk. Or two, if you grow in a heated greenhouse and have the opportunity to extend the growing season.
To the tomatoes turned red, you have pinched the top growth of the main stem, and tear off all the flowers. Of course, all emerging shoots to remove in time. This is usually done in late August, early September. And then the tomatoes will ripen in a few days.
To tomatoes quickly flushed directly into the bushes, prune the roots, and it is better to slightly pull the Bush out of the ground. But we should remember that the plant will cease to nutrients in normal and small tomatoes will remain small, though they are also red.
Still need to stop watering if the plant stops getting water, all the tomatoes quickly blush. But it is better to collect the harvest and bring into the house. Put the tomatoes in a dry dark place and they will turn red in just a few days. But if you are worried that not long continue, plant such varieties of tomatoes whose fruit is dense and can lie for a long time without loss of quality. By the way, and it is recommended to pick green.