Feed tomatoes need even when transplanting into the ground. Each is designed for the young plants, make the hole 2 weeks before planting at least a bucket of compost, 100 g of superphosphate, 30 g of potassium chloride and urea, 500 g of wood ash. All this, of course, it is necessary to mix well.
But that's not all. The growth of the tomatoes need to feed several times to get a good harvest. You can buy a special fertilizer in the store, today many designed for different types of soil. If you do not know what you have a plot of land, take a complete fertilizer, such as Effekton" or "Agricola".
But many gardeners don't trust the purchase compositions, so prepared feeding yourself. Very well watered tomatoes, for example, a weak solution of potassium permanganate. It not only fertilizes plants, but also protects from disease.
Here is another great recipe feeding: shalt in powder the shells from the eggs and dissolve in water. Let the mixture infused for a few days (2-3). When the solution is ready, use it for irrigation of tomato.
The most common fertilizer for tomatoes and not only for them – cow manure. It can simply be spread on the garden beds or mix with peat and mulch the ground around the tomato bushes. Then when watering they will always get the perfect dressing.
Plants with Nezavisimoe fruit often feed solution of the NPK, spreading 2 matchbox tools in a bucket of water. When small tomatoes have already appeared, it is better to use for fertilizing tomatoes a solution of chicken droppings at the ratio of 1:10 and add another 15 grams of urea.