To grow a good crop of tomatoes helps timely remove side shoots. In every Bush tomatoes should not leave more than 2 strong shoots, because shoots take power plants, and eventually the nutrients and water going to the growth of laterals, but not in fruit. Besides, if you grow tomatoes in a greenhouse, such a method as the remove side shoots allows increased access of air and light.

Once the tomatoes began to tie over every brush you need to cut the leaves. This technique will allow the tomatoes to not only accelerate growth, but also bring the moment of maturation.

Like cucumbers, tomatoes need a timely harvest. If time, remove ripened tomatoes from the bushes, the chance of getting a good harvest will increase, moreover, this technique allows to protect tomatoes from late blight lesions.

In tall varieties of tomatoes, as well as all varieties of eggplants, in mid-July must prischipnut tops, this will significantly accelerate ripening.

Large bushes necessarily tie to the supports, or, if you grow tomatoes in a greenhouse, the roof and encircled the barrel band. Be sure to tie up those brushes, on which much fruit. If the fruit on the lower branches touch the ground, should be spread under them the straw, sawdust or dry hay.

To accelerate the growth and ripening of fruits, do not forget about foliar feeding of tomatoes. Once per season spray bushes with a solution of boric acid, and after 12 to 14 days later treat them with a solution of urea.

During the fruiting tomatoes especially need the potassium, especially if you are growing tomatoes in the open ground. For feeding, use a solution of potassium permanganate pale pink color. If the plants are sturdy and strong, fertilizing should be carried out as necessary, but if the tomato leaves are pale green, and the bushes stretched, then watered them with a solution of potassium permanganate to 1 every 10 days. Once a month fertilize tomatoes with manure. Chicken manure dilute in proportion 1:12, and mullein in the ratio 1:7. One bucket of solution is enough for 10-15 plants.