Popular browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome installed by the user. But here's the thing: when you run the shortcuts to web pages or when you open the saved page and when you click on the hyperlinks in the documents, the site is still open in your default browser. How to install a new browser the default browser?
When you first start the browser, be it Chrome or Opera or any other web browser in the main window you will see a notification that will prompt you to install this browser by default with response options "Yes" and "Cancel". Choose "Yes" and the browser will be delegated all the functions of the web browser on this operating system.
If you clicked "Cancel" when you first start the browser, ie missed the first step, do not despair. In this case, go to "start, "" control Panel, select small or large icons and find "default Programs".
You will see a window with the delegation of authority for the software – Selection programs Windows uses by default". Choose the first link "set your default programs" and wait for the download installed applications.
In the narrow block on the left you'll find a browser, click on it once. Now you will see the bottom two buttons marked with green arrows. First, click "set this program as default", then "Choose defaults for this program". You will be taken to a new window in which you want to mark all extensions and protocols check box and then click "Save" in the previous window is "OK".
The default browser is installed.