The more the number of tourists, the more is required of people who serve them. We are talking about maids and cleaners site in hotels and in recreation, utility workers, waiters and sellers of kvass, mineral water, ice cream. Finally, in this period required new guides on duty on the beaches, boat stations, etc in the Spa centers and recreation centers, you can easily get a temporary job.
Summer is always a need people engaged in the harvest. They can work under contract with public or private agricultural enterprises, farmers. Payment is made either in cash or in kind (part of the collected products). It's hard, unskilled labor, prices are relatively low, but some money in any case you can earn.
Summer is the traditional time of gardening, the beautification of urban areas. The list of works is very wide: from cleaning debris and planting flowers before the formation of tree crowns. However, prices in most cases is also low.
You can get a job for the dissemination of advertising leaflets, price lists of products, test samples. In large cities, even in the summer these jobs are easily.
Organizations always needed couriers. The work is simple, because in order to get the documents or the goods ordered to the address, does not require any special skill or qualification. Need only health, stamina and a good knowledge of the city.
Also in the summer start the entrance exams to the University. And it is here that people are perfectly knowledgeable of any of the examination subjects, can dig up the "gold mine", becoming Tutors. Of course, the really big earnings are only a few well-established teachers, living in big cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg. But Tutors from small towns will be able to relatively make good money doing with students. As you can see, there is a will, and the work in the summer!