The average battery life of laptops is 4 years. Get it wrong and this battery just in a year you will observe a significant reduction of the maximum battery. First thing, check battery during purchasing laptop.
To do this, connect the mobile computer to AC power and wait until the complete charging of the battery. Indicator located in the system tray of the operating system, should show 98-100%. If the battery level does not exceed 97%, you're dealing with poor battery. Do not purchase a laptop with a similar battery.
Immediately after the purchase of a mobile computer swipe a few cycles of charging-discharge of the battery. Connect the battery to the laptop. Do not switch on your mobile computer. Connect to the device power supply and wait until the battery is fully charged.
Then unplug the power supply and turn on the laptop. Use the device until then, until it auto shutdown. Repeat this cycle 3-4 times.
Do not waste the battery unnecessarily. If you have the ability to remove the battery and connect the laptop to AC power, use it. With constant use the battery try not to connect the power supply until then, until the level of battery charge falls below 10%.
Do not store for a long time fully discharged battery. If you are planning for a long time not to use the battery, charge it to 40-50% before extraction.
Remember that battery helps prevent damage to important elements of the laptop during a power surge. Do not connect the laptop to unreliable sockets. The absence of a stable voltage can also cause damage to the battery.