Drugs with codeine are used as a means of suppressing a bad cough. In addition, codeine pills can reduce the pain, which can be used in neuralgia, headache, toothache, and other types of pain.

In the list of prohibited items for sale were pills and medicine against cough: "Terpincod", "Codelac", "Kodterpin", "Codecan", "Codrin", "Bekhterev's Mixture," etc., as well as medications that can relieve the pain,"Pentalgin-H", "Sedan-M", "Nurofen plus", "Kaffetin", etc.

Citizens, who have taken, are taking or need to be taking these drugs, can at any time to go to the doctor and get a prescription. Special problems is not the cause. The addicts will not be able to purchase funds with codeine in the right quantity, as the recipes will be given at therapeutic doses, with which it is impossible to euphoria, even taking them for once.

Substitutes drugs with codeine at present, quite a lot, but they are very expensive. To create an inexpensive analog of codeine has not yet succeeded, so if you need therapy you should still go to the therapist.

Only a doctor can decide the question of whether ingestion of a drug, prescribe remedies based on codeine or advise expensive substitutes. For example, instead of "Kaffeine" unable to assign "Sevadal" instead of "Kodelak" - "spray Aqua Maris.", "Codeless" can be replaced "Brostrom", "Pentalgin" - "Spasmalgon", "Sedan-M - "Helped", etc.

Almost any vehicle with codeine has a counterpart with the same effect, but drugs do not contain codeine and can be withdrawn from the pharmacy network without a prescription. Still, before taking any pharmaceuticals need to consult a specialist as side effects and contraindications of drugs can vary considerably.