Turkey is the most popular country for travelers from the Russian people. Moreover, among Russians there is a stereotype that buying tours from the tour operators is cheaper than self-booking of hotel room. Often it is not. Under certain conditions it is sometimes advantageous to purchase hot tour.

However, not everyone fits this option. For example, families with children who spend their holidays only in a certain season, can't afford such attractive offers. In this case, you can do earlier booking – buy tickets and then choose a suitable hotel in Turkey at an attractive price.

In fact, to organize a trip to this country is not difficult, because there are no visa barriers. When planning you should pay attention to certain factors given below.

Time of the year

The cost of holiday in Turkey is significantly affected by season. A lot cheaper a vacation in April or in late autumn. If you want cheap recreation, it is not necessary to go to this country in the summer.


The price is also affected by the infrastructure: bars and clubs, shops, proximity to the city, etc. – all this is several times increases the cost. If you're going on holiday to swim in the sea, bask in the genial sun and get acquainted with the sights of the country, choose a remote hotel and enjoy a relaxing pastime. If you want to spend time in clubs, bars and restaurants, stay in the heart of the city. So it will be easier to get to places.

The cheap resort

The most common, popular and cheap resort, Antalya. Here is a lovely budget hotels, the products are sold at low prices, lies on the beaches of fine sand. Antalya hotels can boast comfortable rooms, sea views, excellent food. Many of them are located in beautiful places, have nice beaches.


Decide how you want to spend your vacation. For example, as strange as this is, camping is not always so profitable. It is affected by several factors. Traveling savage, you have to spend a decent amount to buy food, in the case of acquisition of the permit "All inclusive" you can eat in hotels. Also an independent hostel booking is not always much cheaper booking the hotel room. Be sure to consider these factors.