First, you need to take care of the visa. It should be remembered that in Bulgaria you can enter on a Schengen visa or if a visa is not, you need to make a Bulgarian tourist visa. Cheaper to do a visa through the Embassy of Bulgaria, located in the city of Moscow on Mosfilmovskaya street. You should plan your vacation in advance, then you will be able to significantly reduce costs. When choosing dates of travel, you need to consider that in Bulgaria a few seasons: low season ( may, early June, late August, early September), high season (late June, July, beginning of August). Prices for accommodation are cheaper during the low season. To stay required to rent this apartment. Studio - 35 EUR for one bedroom apartment - 40 euros per night, 150 metres from the beach. All apartments have kitchens, so you will be able to save on Breakfast and possible dinner and sometimes lunch. From personal experience, it is better to rent an apartment from Russia in advance. Later in the season to find a good apartment at a low price is almost impossible. By choosing this apartment, and to determine the date of the trip, it is necessary to take care of the fare. There are several options : by car, train, plane. If you are eating for more than two to three weeks, and you have more than two people, you can choose to travel by car. If your trip is short it is better to choose a plane. For Charter flights the cheaper tickets. You can buy tickets on travel sites and travel agencies. Planning your trip, it is necessary to go to insurance company and take out health insurance and my car insurance or "green card". Medical services in Bulgaria are quite expensive. Going to exchange rubles to the Euro. Although in Bulgaria willing to change rubles into the local currency, the Bulgarian Lev, the exchange rate is not quite favorable, especially in the season.